We can offer advice regarding the best options for you on how to pay for your care.

We can provide advice and information on the following:

  •    Self-funded care options
  •    Direct Payments
  •    ISF contracts
  •    Funded care through the Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Groups
  •    We can also offer assistance through Carers Resource on what benefits and allowances you may be entitled to.

If you have any queries please call and we can talk through the options available to you.


What is an ISF?  It’s an Individual Service Fund.
An ISF is similar to a direct payment, without the responsibility of managing the budget.  As a provider we manage your budget on your behalf, and you get the flexibility of a direct payment without the burden of the finances.  This enables you to flex your services to fit around your changing needs.

Your Social Worker will assess and will write your Care & Support Plan with you.  This plan will say what your needs and goals are. Sign post for ISF
Will look after your Personal Budget for you. We will help you think about what support you want to meet your needs and goals. Personal Budget
Your support has to be delivered in a way that meets your needs and goals.

If you don’t use all the support planned within a week, you can save it up and use it on another day.

We will keep you informed about how much money is in your ISF and how it is being spent.

If you want to change your support, or are not happy you can talk to us about this Satisfaction buttons