March 2018 survey results



Response to the question: “we are always looking to continually improve, are there any changes or improvements that you would like to see at Care @ Carers Resource?” 

• Extremely happy with my support worker, kind, funny and cares about me and everything I want.

• Mum is very very happy with all the care she receives, thank you

• A bit more notice when someone isn’t able to come would be helpful

• Magnificent job for my wife

• the service is a great help but these changes (NYCC) will decimate I fear

• I think the service you provide is excellent

• Information came verbally through support worker

• For five years the care has been excellent, the recent change was upsetting for all and then it doesn’t feel like a caring service when I am sure it is meant to be.


  • Try to give as much notice as possible if there are any changes to services
  • Ensure all information is communicated through the office and not just through a support worker
  • Be sensitive when dealing with NYCC transitions, as upsetting for some due to change in contract funding