October 2019 Survey Results

Care@ clients who filled in a satisfaction survey have given the not-for-profit paid-for care service a resounding thumbs up.

We are always working to improve our services and we send out surveys twice yearly to gauge the service delivery, and identify ways to improve based on feedback. The results have improved year on year and this is down to the commitment and dedication of our team members.

When asked whether support workers treat them with dignity and respect and often go the extra mile, and whether they feel cared for, every single respondent confirmed they did.

Survey Results

All of the clients who responded also agreed they felt safe when services were being delivered by the Care@ team, while 97% felt that the service was responsive to their needs.

In 2018, we simplified our values as a team to:

  • We Listen
  • We Care
  • We Respect

This has enabled us to implement and embed ensuring this is reflected throughout our processes through to the appraisal asking the team to reflect on their practice.

At a time when social care is at a crisis in terms of vacant roles we are keen to raise the profile of the social care sector and have attended events and promoted the national campaign of “everyday is different”.  This strapline is used nationally through Skills for Care and highlights the personal and professional rewards of working in a growing sector.

It’s supported by the website www.everydayisdifferent.com

Comments received in this current survey include:

“By taking care of my grandson you give me peace of mind,”

and “[your care] helps me survive day by day”.

Another customer commented “You are tops, nothing could be nicer”.

“you can’t afford a helicopter yet but you are MORE THAN”

Head of Care, Sam Dawson,  says:  “I’m delighted with the survey results and this is down to the hard work and dedication of our team. We are always looking for ways to improve services and take any feedback seriously.”

We are constantly looking for continuous service improvements, and one action from our survey results identified for development is staff personal profiles.  We already ask our customers to fill in personal profiles so we know about their likes/dislikes, life so far, hobbies, what’s important to them and how best to support them;  but what we don’t always know is what members of our staff team like and dislike (for example, if they don’t like animals or are frightened by dogs) and by completing these it will help us to not only know their personal values, but also their likes/dislikes to improve matching to clients with similar interests.

Some interesting facts about our team so far:

  • Open water swimmer
  • Keeps hens
  • Paper crafter
  • Ex solider served for 14 years
  • Pro footballer in my youth
  • Singing
  • Was in a band
  • I run a crochet group
  • Table tennis

This process has been rolled out and we have already completed two areas, with the third to be completed by March 2020.

Key responses from the survey (66 respondents)


Feedback from clients

When asked how the service helped them:
  • Takes a lot of pressure off me.
  • Keeps me company and allows my husband to go out.
  • Give me independence and allows me to stay in my own home.
  • Helps me survive day to day.  Wouldn’t want to be without them.
  • Enables my carer to take 2 hours off, which makes her happy, therefore I am happy.
  • It helps me to do what I need to do that I can no longer do myself.
  • [Allows] me to go out to work with peace of mind.
  • Allows me to visit my local cafe which I wasn’t able to do anymore (safely).
When asked about changes that would improve the service:
  • Perhaps more local groups for dementia sufferers/carers with practical advice.
  • Designated phone number to Care@ would help.  
  • Better communications re small changes in time of visits.
  • Not changing times or staff.
We have put in place the following actions:
  • To plan coffee and cake mornings with topics as requested.
  • Out of hours support in place.
  • We continue to work on informing clients of any changes as soon as possible.  Rotas are increasingly sent out electronically, but occasionally for short notice changes due to sickness it hasn’t always been possible to inform before, due to not being able to get hold of customers.
  • Staff now produce their own personal profiles, similar to the process done by clients.  This can help when allocating staff to clients to create a better ‘match’.

March 2018 survey results



Response to the question: “we are always looking to continually improve, are there any changes or improvements that you would like to see at Care @ Carers Resource?” 

• Extremely happy with my support worker, kind, funny and cares about me and everything I want.

• Mum is very very happy with all the care she receives, thank you

• A bit more notice when someone isn’t able to come would be helpful

• Magnificent job for my wife

• the service is a great help but these changes (NYCC) will decimate I fear

• I think the service you provide is excellent

• Information came verbally through support worker

• For five years the care has been excellent, the recent change was upsetting for all and then it doesn’t feel like a caring service when I am sure it is meant to be.


  • Try to give as much notice as possible if there are any changes to services
  • Ensure all information is communicated through the office and not just through a support worker
  • Be sensitive when dealing with NYCC transitions, as upsetting for some due to change in contract funding