October 2016 Survey Results

Do the support workers treat you with dignity and respect, taking your wishes into account and are polite at all times

Do you feel receiving this service has improved your health and well being?

Caring is quite stressful and having someone to help is invaluable. Continuity is particularly important to me and my wife has been able to build a positive relationship with our (Always kind and helpful) support worker.

I feel less lonely. Its nice to have a good natter

  • Shaid is a different person since the service started. He is a lot happier.
  • I am more relaxed knowing I can safely leave my spouse for extended time. He is simulated by different company of caring familiar helpers
  • Its something to look forward too, breaks the week up. I feel that helps me with my well being.
  • From my first contact I have been impressed with the professionalism, born from experience of dealing with carers and the person cared for. The relief I have experienced being supported proactively and emotionally cant be quantified.

Overall how satisfied are you with the performance of the service/team?

80% were extremely satisfied

When asked do you have continuity of the same support worker

90% answered yes, 5% answered no and 5% didn’t answer

Are there any changes that you think would improve the service ?

  • No change needed. Just keep up the good work and relationships.
  • No. Exceptional service. Very good staff members. Shaid likes everybody that comes in. Gets on really well with them.
  • I sat down with all to fill this in – we hope It helps – we do think the service is great – we do like the individual little extras that some carers give which show “care” and interest in wellbeing – such as giving a footbath on mum occasionally – tidying up clothes drawers . These little things mean a lot especially when the main carer is becoming overwhelmed with everything. Please keep on “caring to be different” from the others.
  • Just a bit more of the same! I am very happy with it and mum and the boys are too! “May the Bluebird of happiness be always at your side” xxx Denice Nottingham.
  • Not I can think of. Think you do a marvellous job which is much appreciated.
  • Just cover for holidays etc. to give continuity.

April 2016 Survey Results

The results of our 2016 survey were very positive. Of the 65 surveys sent out we had a response rate of 65%.

We asked users of the service and their carers a series of questions. Their responses are shown in the following table. Hover over the bars for the full percentage breakdown.


We asked “are there any changes or improvements that you would like to see at Care @ Carers Resource?” These are the responses users gave:

Very satisfactory services I require at the moment, help is considerate and pleasant

More flexibility when needing extra care

You can’t change perfection!

None, everyone is very kind

No your services were set up by Mrs L when I was in hospital

Koko and I are very satisfied with the Care @ Carers’ Resource

I don’t like the word user

Dementia suffers ned to know where things are kept, I have tried labelling drawers, to include as part of training with staff

I hope people recognise the great value of the service

She really likes Tracey visiting and she thinks that she is her friend and would ask her to help if necessary


Among the follow-up actions to the survey are:

  • To ensure included in training possible solutions to finding items in homes with people with dementia
  • Increase capacity at earliest opportunity – long term sickness with two full time staff just before survey completed
  • Newsletter to reinforce areas discussed at assessment stage, possible information overload
  • To ensure all receive excellent customer service when contacting the office
  • Find venues for a user of our service to play his accordion