Services are a credit to care of elderly.  Would strongly recommend services.

I am very pleased with the service, particularly with the consistent staffing provided and the quality of the support worker, particularly who has provided excellent support for my mother.   Retaining high quality staff is crucial in this service.!! Thank you

My husband enjoys going out with his carer, chatting to another man and getting  exercise and having a laugh about things.  As his wife and main carer I get time to catch up on paperwork and other jobs and have some time for myself.

Reduced isolation and depression. Less scared

I feel confident leaving my husband in the care of his support worker.  He enjoys going out in the community with him.  They have a laugh and chatter about all sorts of things and it allows me to catch up on paperwork and other jobs necessary to efficient running of the home, without constant interruptions.  Thank you!!

It enables me to get out and about without my wife having to go with me and it also gives my wife time to herself.

Gives me support and care. Alleviates isolation very safe and professional

Provides family with confidence that Mum is receiving a dignified, courteous friendly service.  Mum is overwhelmed and happy with service.

It enables me to continue to live at home and it gives me the ability to live my life as I choose.

Sees to the washing/showering and dressing of my husband.  He enjoyed the company and it was a good help for me

It provides carer support so that I can leave the house knowing my wife is safe.

With reassurance of a very caring group of support workers at all times, especially the regular helper.